Labor Day Weekend and a list!


Hey there folks! Just wanted to catch you before you left for the long weekend, or maybe you already did so good for you! Whether you’re gone or heading out, here’s some goodness from around the internets to inspire you. Happy Labor Day weekend!

-Figs are where it’s at and this salad is too! Planning on making a version of this beauty over the weekend.

-You had me at chocolate. I might have bought raw cacao beans already.

-The ugly side of food. Be informed folks. I’ve been tracking with this as much as possible and it just hurts.

-These folks are doing a lot to share knowledge about food systems. No one’s perfect, but we can all do our part.

Paletas are totally ok in September! It’s still summer in Texas and will likely be for a few more weeks. Ok maybe months.

-Vacation is 2 months away! Soooo looking forward to visiting Merida, Mexico.

-Cats are cool. Dogs are awesome. This little one is precious.

In case you didn’t know, it’s also the start of college football season and that’s a big deal to my other half. The photo above is from my alma mater, so it had to come out today! It also happens to be his school’s number one rival. House divided y’all.



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